Adedotun Onoyinka AFOLAYAN, PhD

Dr. AdedotunOnoyinka AFOLAYAN graduated with PhD (Environmental Biology) from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is currently an Assistant Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Tissue Culture Section, Biotechnology Unit, National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB), Nigeria. She is also the Vice-President of the Nigeria Chapter of Society for Conservation Biology. She is a Research Fellow and member of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. She is an Alumnus of NUFFIC and Fellow, Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP). She is also a Present Member of Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN), Association for Environmental Impact Assessment of Nigeria (AEIAN), Horticultural Society of Nigeria (HORTSON) among others.

Dr. Afolayan has worked with both the academic and research organizations. She has contributed positively to both the intellectual and research resources of the nation. She was Assistant Lecturer at the School of Medical Laboratory, University College Hospital (UCH), Nigeria (2006 – 2008) where she taught the degree students Biology. She then proceeds to carrying out independent research studies at the department of Zoology, University of Ibadan, towards the award of a Doctor of Philosophy degree. She got appointment at NACGRAB in 2011 as Scientific Officer 1; and has been at this Institution since that time. She is diligent and has an indisputable passion for research, a unique quality that has contributed positively to the achievement of the given mandates of the Institution.

Dr.Afolayan’s interest is in Tissue Culture Techniques; Tissue Culture Media Preparation (Protocol research and design, modification and application); Environmental Monitoring and Assessment of Polluted Communities; Pollution Evaluations (Aquatic, Terrestrial and Air); Heavy Metal Analysis in Biotic and Abiotic Systems; Water Quality Assessment; Biodiversity Monitoring, Biodiversity Conservation among others.

Dr. Afolayan’s passion for research has led her to different collaborative research studies at National and International level. She was selected as the team coordinator for Team AMKID under a collaborative research grant from the International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden (2015). Through the collaboration of International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) with NACGRAB, she has also contributed immensely to the ongoing project on Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA), under the project leadership of Dr. Norbert Maroya (IITA) and research coordination of Dr. MorufatBalogun. This project, which is sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates, has given IITA the responsibility to improve yam quality for farmer’s benefit so as to ensure food security in West Africa and the Tissue Culture Section of NACGRAB is saddled with the responsibility of the rapid in vitro multiplication of the yam germplasm. Being the head of this section and the lead researcher, she has passionately seen to the successful delivery of the given responsibility. She also corresponds for IITA in this project as the authorized desk officer.

Dr. Afolayan has taught, supervised and mentored Degree, Masters and Doctoral students in Nigeria. She also has published different scientific articles in journals internationally. She has also been involved in training both students and researchers in different organized national and international training workshops. Being a dynamic person with great enthusiasm and a high sense of purpose, Dr. Afolayan is an active team worker with a great sense of commitment and an immense ability to get things done. She has quite commendable leadership ability and demonstrates a good level of discipline. In 2016, she was given the IBRD.IDA/World Bank’s letter of appreciation for her contribution in promoting and enabling the Business of Agriculture.

Dr. Afolayanis an ecologist who believes in conservation of the natural resources. Her research studies cut across monitoring pollution levels and impacts (with the aim of protecting the residents of the polluted community from exposure to toxic pollutants in the environment); preventing over-exploitation of fish resources using plant extracts; rapid multiplication of endangered bio-resources for conservation using Tissue Culture Techniques among others. Presently, at her place of work, she is currently working with faithful researchers in ensuring that the nation’s immense natural plant resources are conserved through the use of tissue culture techniques. Her passion for biodiversity conservation is what led her to team with Dr. F. Babalola in serving humanity at local level through Save Sahara Network (SSN).

Dr. Afolayan is a devoted Christian, happily married and blessed. She currently serves humanity as the leader and wife of the resident pastor of Pilgrim Miracle Church. She also mentored little children in the Junior Church of the same Ministry, coaching them to build a life of honesty, integrity, contentment, excellence and righteousness.