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Play for Nature Football Competition

Football is a game that unites and brings together people of different age, culture and gender. Save Sahara Network organized a football competition in order to create awareness on the adoption of its developed simple, efficient and improved cookstove in local communities of Guinea Savanna zone of Nigeria.

The Sahara Efficient Cookstove is aimed at reducing pressure of firewood collection in natural forest as well as burden of firewood collection by women and children, reduce indoor air pollution from inefficient three-stone cookstove and impacts of climate change from deforestation.

Present at the football competition include Village Heads as well as young men and ladies who were indigenes of the three local communities where Save Sahara Network introduced the efficient cooktove. Before commencement of the football competition, a shrot lecture on importance of the efficient cookstove and the need for its adoption by all households was delivered. After the competition, the winning community was given the “Winner Cup”, while all the three participating communities were each given “FIFA Rated Football”.

We believe the football competition has created more awareness and sensitization, especially among the young and old men, on the need to to adopt the efficient cookstove for domestic cooking in each of the households.

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