Save Sahara Network
Saving nature and empowering people
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Membership of SSN is opened to students, professionals, practitioners, organisations and general public interested in
protection and sustainable development in utilization of natural resources. There are two major categories of membership: Individual and corporate.

Individual Membership form

Benefits of Individual Members

  1. Membership certificate
  2. Participatein the organization activities at discount fees
  3. Receipt of constant funding opportunities through the organisation’s mailing list and “Sahara M-connect” platform.
  4. Opportunities to be involved in the organization’s funded research and activities.
  5. Qualify to apply for the funding opportunities of the organization subject to meeting other requirements.
  6. Get discount topublish accepted article in the organisation’s journal (Sahara Journal) and conference proceedings
  7. Obtain free copies of the organization’s publications
Corporate Membership form

Benefits of Corporate

  1. Membership certificate
  2. Discount for advertorials in the organisation journal (Sahara Journal) and conference proceedings
  3. Listed as partner on website of SSN
  4. Free entry for 2 representative of the organization for events in which the organizing is sponsoring or funding
  5. GET Invitation as special guest at event and activities orgnaised by SSN
  6. Logo on souvenirs produced for events and activities in which the organizing is funding
  7. Opportunity for organisationsto benefits from financial return by fulfilling social responsibility