Save Sahara Network
Saving nature and empowering people
Sahara E-mentorship

This is a special programme of SSN whereby students and professionals in related field of specialization are connected for mentorship in research, publication and career development. The mentorship is for both local and international mentee and mentors.

Sahara E-Connect

This is a platform created to facilitatebilateral sharingof information among all the registered members of the organization. Most importantly, members who are able todiscover funding opportunities can share these on the platform.

Sahara Research Grants(SRG)

SSN provide competitive research grants to students andyoung researchers to carry out research aiming at sustainable development and nature conservation. Specifically, research that make positive impacts and contribute to development of grassroots are given priority.

Sahara Intervention Projects (SIP)

SSN carry out field projects leading to intervention at grassroots. The projects are supported through funds generated locally and internationally, and through collaboration and partnership with individuals and organsaitions.

Sahara Conservation Club (SCC)

The conservation club brings together school children, youth and young professionals with interest and passion for conservation and environmental activities.

Sahara Sahara Bird Club (SBC)

SBC is a special programme of SSN amed at creating wareness and contribute to conservation of tropical birds. Birds are unique fauna species in the ecosystem. They also fulfill many ecological functions in their habitats. Despite these important roles of birds, they are not given proper recognition.


Efficient Fuelwood Use as a Strategy to Reducing Household Pressure on Natural Forests of Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria
Local Perceptions and Community-Based Conservation Strategy for Dolphins in Eastern Nigerian Inshore Atlantic
Northern Africa Regional Meeting (NARM) of International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA)


Department of Forest Resources Management
Faculty of Agriculture,
P.O. Box 1515, Ilorin, 240003,
Kwara State, Nigeria
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